Vegetables form a connection between the dinner table and sports performance. Speed and power athletes especially need high quantities of fresh vegetables in the diet to combat the extreme drain on chemical fuel that is part of intense sprinting, weight lifting, and plyometrics. By regularly eating a broad range of vegetables, speed / power athletes can get optimal performance from their central nervous system, the ultimate source of speed. Here is a way to separate yourself from the crowd, simply by nurturing your nervous system rather than just focusing on muscles. The nervous system tells the muscles what to do and when to do it. Feed your nervous system and win. The food the nervous system feeds on comes from animal protein and fats, all put to work by produce.

Fresh vegetables aid in the absorption of other nutrients. A protein rich diet, essential to any speed / power athlete, is activated with green leafy vegetables. Even the steady ingestion of fiber from vegetables aids the gut in assimilating the nutrients in animal protein. Quality fats, so critical to the diet of speed / power athletes, have an important role in vegetable intake. The nutrients in vegetation are absorbed best in the presence of fats, while the roughage of vegetation aids the body in digesting the fats. This all adds up to a prolonged digestion, keeping insulin levels in check so that you become ever more insulin sensitive, reacting sharply in the chosen moments when insulin is released.

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